Skeletor Boogies to 'Fame' in Moneysupermarket's Latest 'Epic' Ad

'80s Cartoon Villain Returns in Ad From Mother and Fredrik Bond

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Mar 22, 2017

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Skeletor, the '80s villain and arch-enemy of He-Man from "Masters of the Universe," is the star of the latest spot from, which continues to score YouTube hits with its series of ads in which people feel "epic" thanks to saving money on their car insurance.

The "You're So Moneysupermarket" campaign started with a twerking businessman in hotpants -- a film that garnered millions of online hits -- followed by a pole-dancing builder and a body-popping bodyguard and last year's "Epic dance-off" between all those characters.

In the new ad, directed by Fredrik Bond at Sonny, Skeletor leaves his candlelit man cave feeling "epic" after saving via Moneysupermarket. He breaks out of his house on a suburban street and goes boogie-ing and shimmying round the neighborhood to "Fame" by Irene Cara. He's joined by a bunch of schoolkids, and eventually attracts the attention of his old foe He-Man, who exclaims: "By the power of Grayskull -- Skeletor, you're so Moneysupermarket."

While today's kids might have no idea who He-Man or Skeletor are, the theme and soundtrack, will doubtless appeal to grown-up 80s kids who are in the market for car insurance.

Post "Masters of the Universe," Skeletor and He-Man have been no strangers to advertising. They also previously appeared in a campaign for Honda.