Oscar Mayer Pranks Fitness Enthusiasts With a Fake Workout Program

Stunt Promotes the Brand's Protein Snacks

Published On
Jul 15, 2015

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Oscar Mayer pranked unsuspecting gym-goers by inventing a ridiculous new workout called FRIQ and filming them trying it out with hidden cameras.

The stunt, conceived by Olson Engage to promote the brand's P3 snack range, includes an evangelical instructor who commands them to do increasingly bizarre workout moves (including rolling around in bubble wrap) and forces them to try a new kind of protein shake which looks -- and tastes, judging by their reactions -- vile.

It'll make you laugh (although anyone who's signed up to a "new" fitness craze might nod in recognition) but there's also a strong marketing message. Oscar Mayer wants viewers to compare the simplicity of its own protein snacks, which contain meat, cheese and nuts, with other functional foods, powders and gels on the market, making the point that it's better to stick to what you know.