HBO celebrates ‘Iron Anniversary’ of ‘Game of Thrones’ with binge-watching, elaborate wedding cakes and more

Network created a series of events including a 'MaraThrone' around show's ten-year birthday

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Apr 21, 2021

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April 17, 2011 was the day "Game of Thrones" first hit the airwaves. To mark the show’s ten-year birthday, what HBO is calling its “Iron Anniversary,” the network kicked off a series of events that include a binge-watching challenge and Westeros-inspired wedding celebrations.  

HBO teamed with Giant Spoon to debut the “MaraThrone,” which tasked fans with watching all 73 episodes of the show. The network promoted it with influencer kits designed to immerse viewers more deeply into the "GoT" world as they indulge in their mega-streaming sessions. They included numbered “bibs” like those worn by marathon athletes imprinted with exclusive HBO Max codes. There was also loungewear perfect for enduring the cold of “The North” (a branded sweatshirt and hooded blanket-poncho), and rations to sustain viewers through all the drama (popcorn, chocolate and Gummy Bears). 

Marathrone Kit


GoT Marathrone Hoodie Blanket

The “MaraThrone” also offers viewers a chance to stream “curated” watching experiences—what it’s calling “routes” based on various themes. They include “A Path of Fire and Blood” for fans of Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen;  “Ice Walk,” dedicated to the White Walkers: “A Good Walk Spoiled,” which collects the show’s most shocking moments and many more. 

Marathrone Route

There’s a charity component as well, and HBO is encouraging fans to raise money for “noble causes” including Conservation International, FilmAid International,  International Rescue Committee (IRC), National Urban League, Royal Mencap Society, SameYou, The Trevor Project. UNICEF, Women for Women International and World Central Kitchen.

Outside of the "MaraThrone," Giant Spoon and HBO also honored some of the most devoted of its fans—couples who themed their own weddings around the show—with “Iron Anniversary” wedding cakes adorned with details inspired by the GoT houses of Lannister, Targaryen and Stark. The cakes arrived with 18 bottles of wine, chalices, a branded wine barrel and engraved crest.


HBO also partnered with Engine on a social campaign that created “GoT”-inspired avatars of fans.