Heinz Ketchup turns burgers, fries and hot dogs into its 'keystone' logo

New work via Rethink spans digital, print and outdoor ads

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Apr 15, 2021

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Canadian agency Rethink continues to think out of the box in its work for Heinz ketchup, which has included an all-red jigsaw puzzle, a campaign asking people to draw ketchup and a website that takes 57 minutes to load.

Its newest effort is a campaign spanning outdoor, print and digital ads in which foods that ketchup is commonly paired with are shaped like the brand's well-known "keystone" logo. Burgers, fries and hot dogs appear molded into the shape of the logo, together with the words: "It has to be." The word Heinz does not appear.  The outdoor ads are currently running in Canada, but the campaign may also roll out to the U.S.and even globally at a later date.

Made with Heinz _ Fries

Heinz's keystone logo, a registered trademark, appears on all its products and was originally inspired by Pennsylvania, the home of Heinz, being the "keystone state."

“Heinz is the originator. It’s the Ketchup,” said Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation at KraftHeinz. “Earlier this year, we launched the 'Draw Ketchup' campaign where we anonymously asked people to simply draw ketchup. What we saw, time and time again, was that people drew the iconic Heinz bottle.That intuitive association with the Heinz logo crystallized our approach for this campaign.”

Made with Heinz _ Hot dog
Made with Heinz _ Billboard1
Made with Heinz _ Billboard2
Made with Heinz _ Billboard3


Apr 15, 2021
Client :
Heinz Ketchup
Agency :
Aaron Starkman
Executive Creative Director :
Mike Dubrick
Creative Director Head of Art :
Joel Holtby
Art Director :
Ryan Cookish
Art Director :
Rachel LeBlanc
Writer :
Mike Dubrick
Writer :
Ryan Cookish
Writer :
Rachel LeBlanc
CGI Artist :
Brad Pickard
Sean McDonald
Strategist :
Julian Morgan
Producer :
Kyle Hicks
Producer :
Narine Artinian
Group Account Director :
Account Director :
Kai de Bruyn Kops
Account Manager :
Katherine Ly
Head of Brand Build Communications & Innovation :
Nina Patel
Associate Director, Brand Building & Innovation Taste Elevation :
Daniel Gotlib
Senior Brand Manager Brand Building & Innovation :
Chanel Simpson
Senior Associate Brand Manager :
Keeyan Arvandi
Media :
PR :
The Colony Project
Community Management :
Web Development :
Cheetah Mobile

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