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A guide to living life the Hemingway.

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Jul 06, 2011
Hemingway Poster

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To mark the 50th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway's death, digital memorial site 100memories has created a series of screen-printed posters celebrating his life. They take the form of a rough guide how to live life like the famous author - with tips such as 'cultivate your posse' and 'appreciate the finer things in life'.

1000 memories, which was co-created by former Wieden + Kennedy Portland copywriter Rudy Adler, also has a page dedicated to Hemingway memories on its site.


Jul 07, 2011
Brand :
Client :
Creative Director :
Rudy Adler
Copywriter :
Chris Jacobs
Art Director :
Dan Kenneally
Art Director :
Liz Gershman
Producer :
Liz Gershman
Producer :
Helena Price
Production Company :
Team Eight

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