Coke Serves its Soda Chilled, Using Bottles Made of Ice

Company takes expression 'ice cold' literally in Bogota

Published On
Jun 06, 2013

Editor's Pick

On the same day Ogilvy Singapore and Coca-Cola introduced the Sharing Can, the brand launched another creative effort at the beach in Cartegna, Colombia with the agency’s Bogota office: La Botella de Hielo (the Ice Bottle). The team thought to take the expression “ice cold” literally by producing Coca-Cola bottles made entirely of ice and distributing them at this popular tourist destination. The containers kept that signature Coca-Cola shape with the company’s embossed logo on them.  Each one was served frozen, filled with the sweet soft drink, and then dressed with thin koozie-like straps -- presumably to keep people’s hands from going numb. 

What started out as a one-time experiential event is now being implemented at almost evey Colombian beach. In fact, Coca-Cola branches in other countries may be developing ice bottles of their own.

The spot shows beachgoers using the bottles to cool their burning brows on a hot day, untroubled by recycling since ice simply melts. The bottle was even bio degradable: It seemed like Coke and Ogilvy had thought of everything. Except, perhaps, the hygiene concerns. From the vendor’s hands to the consumer’s, with likely pit stops on the ground and sand, we can’t imagine that this was sanitary. That is, unless Coca-Cola has a secret co-branding effort going on with Purell.