Recycling is tough but worth it, says Ikea's latest spot

Spot from Akestam Holst highlights products made from reused materials

Published On
Oct 28, 2019

Editor's Pick

Ikea's latest ad from Sweden highlights the retailer's products that contain recycled elements—while simultaneously acknowledging that sometimes recycling can be a chore. 

In the spot, created by Akestam Holst as part of its "Where Life Happens" campaign and directed by Martin Werner, a man laboriously washes out all his containers for recycling. After his partner throws a few extra items into the mix, he sets off on his bike, laden with bags, for the recycling facility.

Of course, as soon as he comes home his teenager adds to the now empty bin. It's a scenario that will be familiar to many—but it ends on an uplifting note, as it highlights the many items in the man's kitchen that are made out of recycled plastic, glass and more.