Interactive Store Window Discerns Your Native Tongue Through Your Face

Facial Recognition Tech Helps Foreign Shoppers in Japan

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Aug 11, 2015

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Japan's largest makeup store Ainz&Tulpe has created an innovative store window that communicates with passersby -- even if they don't speak Japanese.

Working with Dentsu and interactive production company Puzzle, Inc., the retailer devised this clever window display featuring makeup looks currently popular in Japan. Shoppers can interact with the ones they like to receive a printout showing how-to tips and coupons for makeup discounts and free in-store applications.

The coolest part? The information dispensed apparently reflects the native language of the person interacting with the window. According to the production company, the windows use facial recognition to discern the language of the customer and then output information in the proper tongue. We're not sure however, how the tech would discern whether a person speaks English, Chinese, Spanish or Russian just from their face -- but we're looking into it and will update accordingly.

The agency created the window based on the insight that Tokyo sees 10 million tourists annually, and their top #3 purchase is cosmetics. However, only about three percent of Japanese speak a foreign language.


Aug 11, 2015
Agency :
Creative Director/Planner :
Reietsu Hashimoto
Copywriter/Planner :
Subaru Matsukura
General Producer :
Daima Kawamura
Producer :
Nozomu Naito
Producer :
Mitsuaki Hongyo
Production Manager :
Ayumi Matsumoto
Interactive Director :
Roy Ryo Tsukiji
Technical Director :
Takeru Kobayashi
Director :
Yoichi Kanazawa
Art Director :
Junya Hoshikawa
Designer :
Ryota Mishima
Device Engineer/Programmer :
Yohei Kajihara
Programmer :
Shudai Matsumoto
Web Developer :
Koumei Sato
Web Developer :
Takashi Tsushima
Set :
Kiyoharu Mitsui
Beauty Director/Makeup Artist :
Kazuko Hayasaka
Writer :
Yuka Hashimoto
Director, Photography :
Yosuke Nakajima
Stylist :
Maki Takeda
Public Relations :
Shingo Hiraoka
Public Relations :
Ryo Nakagawa
Account Executive :
Koji Makino
Account Executive :
Nanae Suzuki
Client Supervisor :
Kaori Ishikawa
Production Company :
Puzzle Inc.
Production Company :
Brand :
Client :

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