A Designer is Obsessed by Denim in Fashion Film Version of 'The Aviator'

Amsterdam-based Denham's Film is Subtly Funny

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Apr 21, 2015

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Amsterdam-based jeans brand Denham is taking bold approach to marketing its denim. This ten-minute film, which cinephiles will notice is based on "The Aviator," is subtly funny and brilliant: it features a jeans designer whose obsession with perfecting denim leads him into Howard Hughes-like mania. Determined to "out-vintage" the competition, he comes to a sad end, but not after we've had some fun with a hapless entourage and some Peruvian vicunas.

It's the second film in a series called "Explicit Remake" by director Hugo Keijzer for the brand; the first reimagined "American Pyscho." Keijzer, who conceived the series and created The Jeanmaker with Amsterdam-based production company Mike Teevee and writer John Weich, said: "Working with Denham the last few years I've learned that jeanmaking is primarily about obsessing the details. But just when you think you've got this perfect uncompromised product you get sidetracked by new ideas. This short film captures the moment when you lose control of your creation."


Apr 21, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Director :
Hugo Keijzer
Production Company :
Mike TeeVee
Producer :
Ellen Utrecht
Cinematographer :
Robbie van Brussel
Production Design :
Simon Bowles
Editing :
Nils Rensen
Colorist :
Scott Harris
Post Production :
Sound Design :
Kaiser Studios

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