Jesse’s Deli campaign earns 300 million media impressions, helps change law, wins AdAge Gold

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Jul 30, 2019


Astronomical rent hikes were about to price out Brooklyn neighborhood establishment, Jesse's Deli. When DCX reached out to the media on Jesse’s behalf, they weren’t interested; gentrification stories , they argued, were old news.

The team knew they needed to differentiate Jesse’s story in a way that called attention to the gravity of expanding rent hikes.  So they hiked up the prices at Jesse’s Deli by 2.5x for what became the "Artisanal Landlord Rent Hike Sale.” Beef Jerky became “House-Cured Salumi Tubes”; Cases of Bud’ became “Air Chilled Budweiser Beer Flights.”

The media bit: NPR, the New York Post, The Daily Beast, CBS to name a few. As a result, DCX expanded the campaign to include a soon-to-be priced out block in NYC’s Washington Heights and partnered with AirBnb to stage a room for rent in Jesse’s storefront. 

DCX’s goal - to “dramatize the plight that many small businesses are facing with gentrification all over the city,” worked. They directed their attention to the Small Business Job Survival Act, pushed the legislation forward, and generated a storm of media coverage that included praise from the Pope (really).


The campaign consisted of experiential in the form of remodeling Jesse’s Deli and an entire block in Washington Heights, and PR


Jul 30, 2019
Agency :
DCX Growth Accelerator
Client :
Jesse’s Deli

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