Sassy Grannies Show How Old Is Rad in Campaign for Ethel and Frank

Seniors Swagger Like There's No Tomorrow

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Aug 05, 2015

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Former Mother creative Kelly Diaz launched her own vintage handbag shop Ethel and Frank, and to promote her company's belief that old is "pretty rad," she teamed with director Mike Immerman to shoot some seriously sassy grannies dancing to some mad tunes. One jiggles like there's no tomorrow, another does splits like a twelve-year-old gymnast while a third has lots of fun with fruit.

The site further explains the company's celebration of "old ladies," praising them for giving "zero fucks. About us and the internet and showing their tatas at the gym. When it comes to fashion, old ladies are the shit. They ignore magazines and trends because more than anyone, they know style has little to do with the outfit you wear. So yes, we love vintage bags just as much as the next shop, but what we love more is giving props tot he ladies who first owned them."


Aug 05, 2015
Ethel + Frank
Ethel + Frank
Creative Director:
Kelly Diaz
Director, Photography:
Carole Mcclintock
Elisabeth Durkin
Marmoset Music
Mike Immerman

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