This 'symphony' is composed around the sound of two Louis XIII cognac glasses clinking

Latest stunt for the brand by F&F Los Angeles combines music with robotic technology

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Nov 27, 2019

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Cognac brand Louis XIII has created some buzz in recent years in a series of stunts via Fred & Farid -- like making a movie with John Malkovich that nobody will see for a hundred years, or a track by Pharrell Williams that you'll also have to wait a century for.

The brand is back again this year with another unusual project created by the Los Angeles branch of FF (as the agency is now known.) While not quite as memorable as the Malkovich or Pharrell projects, it nevertheless blends culture and technology once again.

The agency commissioned Israeli jazz composer and pianist Yaron Herman to compose a one-note symphony using only G-Sharp, the pitch of the noise of when two cognac glasses clink together. It also incorporates some robotic technology -- a pair of specially choreographed robotic arms that come together, in time with the music, to make a toast with the cognac glasses.)

While the symphony won't be played live in its entirety, a series of online videos (one of which is seen here) will promote the idea, and from next April, the robotic arms will go on display at Louis XIII boutiques worldwide, starting off in Singapore, Beijing and Xi-an, making the special g-sharp clink for customers to hear.