McDonald's turns 'I'm lovin' it' into sign language in inclusivity push

Campaign from Finland is a collaboration with deaf rapper Signmark and agency Nord DDB

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Sep 23, 2022

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McDonald's has translated its longstanding "I'm lovin' it" sonic logo into sign language, in a campaign promoting inclusivity and deafness awareness.

The brand and agency Nord DDB collaborated with Finnish deaf rapper Signmark to translate its jingle into a sign language-based song, featured in a music video that will run as a shorter TV commercial as well as online in the full version.

The song, titled "Something bigger (I’m lovin’ it)," features Signmark (aka Marko Vuoriheimo) performing the track in front of the Golden Arches. It was directed by Woodpecker's Jaakko Itäaho. In a statement, Signmark said that aimed to "translate the positive feeling of the brand jingle into sign language" and to give it visual form "in a fun way."

The project is part of McDonald’s "Togetherness" platform, which aims to promote equality and inclusivity. It's the latest in the chain’s efforts to better accommodate sign language users, both as an employer and a service provider, in Finland. McDonald's already employs people who use sign language, and the company emphasizes that deafness or hearing impairment is not an obstacle to working there. In recent years it has also made improvements to its digital services, such as digital kiosks, to help customers.

"As one of the most well-known brands in the world we can use our scale for good and make a difference," said Mats Nyström, marketing director at McDonald’s Finland, in a statement. "In today’s world, inclusivity is more important than ever. This co-operation with Signmark is a great example of how we live our values and showcase the importance of inclusiveness and togetherness that always starts with understanding."