McDonald's fries show the way to go in France's minimalist directional campaign

TBWA/Paris is behind latest attempt by the brand to make signposts into art

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Jul 29, 2019

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McDonald's won industry plaudits, including a Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix, for its 2018 campaign using the Golden Arches to create directional signposting.

That campaign was by Canadian agency Cossette, and now here's another, from TBWA/Paris, that also attempts to make directions into art -- using the iconic McDonald's fries packet. The ads tap into minimalism, with the fries packet on a pastel color background and the lines of the fries pointing the way to go. According to the agency, the campaign uses eight colors in total, to make 64 different combinations. It's an eye-catching idea that may also whet your appetite-- as well as being another helpful way to direct you to your nearest restaurant.