MINI USA enlists a new pitch person: you.

MINI USA once again teams up with Pereira O’Dell for the 2023 Summer Electric campaign

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Aug 04, 2023


We’re typically told to buy electric vehicles (EV’s) for unselfish reasons– the environment, future generations, cost savings, etc. While other car companies lean into these reasons to buy EV’s, MINI knows that the real reason people buy a MINI Electric is to treat themselves. We all have the world’s best salesman inside our heads– and most people say you should ignore that voice– you should be practical, be real, be serious. But sometimes, that fun-loving, thrill-seeking, self-indulgent little voice actually knows exactly what’s best for you. 

MINI USA, with the help of Pereira O'Dell, launched an interactive AI experience on, where users can record themselves asking, “Why should I get a MINI Electric?” and the AI creates a version of them that looks and sounds *almost* exactly like them — except for one very important detail — the voice you hear will be lower in frequency, so it sounds more like the voice you actually hear in your head.

Using AI voice cloning and deep fake technology, you can actually have a conversation…with you. The AI version of you will give more reasons why you should get a MINI Electric, and then it creates a sharable video optimized for social platforms.

Pereira O’Dell’s social team is helping MINI USA leverage both lifestyle and tech influencers to ‘demo’ the AI experience ahead of launch and will use their reactions to amplify the page on social through paid media. In addition to the AI experience, a series of spots will run across digital and social.

The spots feature Unreal Engine MetaHuman animations – floating, talking heads visualizing the internal dialogues of someone attempting to convince themself of the multitude of fun, wonderful, and sometimes peculiar reasons why owning a MINI Electric makes perfect sense.




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Aug 04, 2023
Brand Team :
Vice President of the Americas, MINI :
Michael Peyton
Department Head, Marketing, Product and Strategy :
Patrick McKenna
Brand Communications Manager :
Lisa Randall
MINI Digital Communications :
Matthew Shukaitis
Creative Agency :
Pereira O'Dell
Co-Founder, Creative Chairman :
PJ Pereira
Chief Creative Officer :
Robert Lambrechts
Creative Director :
Jordan Strode-Young
Creative Director :
Spencer Campbell
Senior Art Director :
Robyn Frost
Senior Copywriter :
Henry Foenander
Senior Copywriter :
Will Martin
Copywriter :
Cain Luke
Studio Manager, Mechanical Artist :
Evan Zelermyer
Director of Brand Management :
Erin Shanahan
Brand Director :
Catie Coonan
Senior Brand Supervisor :
Diana Soloaga
Brand Strategy Director :
John Redmond
Director of Social Strategy :
Kate Wadkins
Senior Social Strategist :
Gaby Ringvald
Community Manager :
Rebecca Nañez
Executive Producer :
Darbi Fretwell
Producer :
Megan Wasserman
Senior Integrated Producer :
Dana Canneto
Director of Business Affairs :
Shirley White
Business Affairs Manager :
Stephany Stinson
Production :
Producer, Director of Content Production :
Josh Diaz
Sound Design & Mix :
Joel Hopper
AI Development :
Current Studios
3D Animation Films :
Media :
Universal McCann Worldwide
VP, Group Partner :
Stuart Turnbull
Senior Manager :
Nicole Taddonio

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