Now This Is a Surprising Way to Save a Parking Spot

Russian Campaign Leverages Smart Tech to Reserve Spaces for Disabled Drivers

Published On
May 27, 2015


Y&R Moscow was behind this compelling social experiment designed to make drivers more mindful about stealing parking spaces intended for the disabled. For client Dislife, an organization serving those with physical disabilities, the agency came up with a clever tech-driven out of home idea that transformed the disabled symbol into a real human being.

The agency created a system whereby hidden cameras installed next to disabled parking spots in popular public spaces would recognize when non-disabled drivers were attempting to move into that space. If the cameras didn't see a disabled sticker on the vehicle, it would trigger a holographic image of a real disabled person to appear before the car and ask the impolite driver to move on and find a different spot.

The stunt was turned into a video that got the country talking, and ultimately, non-disabled drivers refrained from parking in those spots for its duration.

"Parking signs mean nothing for many drivers in Russia," said Dislife Founder Yuri Kovalev in a statement. "They prefer to forget about the people 'behind them.' That is what we are fighting with in this project."


May 27, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Young & Rubicam-Moscow
Founder :
Yuri Kovalev
Chief Creative Officer :
Luis Tauffer
Chief Creative Officer :
Marco Cremona
Associate Creative Director :
Federico Fanti
Central and Eastern Europe Chief Creative Officer :
Jaime Mandelbaum
Art Director :
Artem Goncharov
Copywriter :
Nikita Bocharov
Head of Design :
Oleg Sazhin
Designer :
Polina Zabrodskaya
Head of TV :
Alex Al-Nashi
Effects :
Simpatika Studio
Production Company :
Ad Service
Art Director :
Alexander Perminov
Film Editor :
Ilya Malov
Producer :
Yana Seredenko
Sound Engineer :
Valentin Borisevich
Computer Graphics :
Michael Ovsiannikov
Computer Graphics :
Egor Kasatsky
Computer Graphics :
Oleg Maximov
Art Director :
Vit Sheitnev
Producer :
Andrey Morozov
Operator :
Anton Sidorov
Sound Engineer :
Gevorg Emin

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