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Jun 30, 2010
New Website

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Tool of North America recently launched its new website, which allows visitors to have fun with a monkey, or a man in a suit, before they get to the main content, featuring the shop's latest output in live action or digital production. The shop teamed with interaction designer Olivier Otten to create interactive experiences with the characters, shot by director Erich Joiner.


Jul 01, 2010
Director :
Erich Joiner
Production Company :
Tool of North America
Interaction Designer :
Olivier Otten
Director :
Erich Joiner
Director, Photography :
Mark Plummer
Executive Producer :
Brian Latt
Executive Producer :
Matt Bonin
Executive Digital Producer :
Dustin Callif
Head of Production :
Amy DeLossa
Line Producer :
Joby Ochsner
Production Supervisor :
Brian Armstrong
Production Coordinator :
Eleo Cuadra
Creative Director :
Ian Coyle
Creative Consultant :
Olivier Otten
Flash Developer :
Jason Nickel
Papervision Developer :
Seb Lee-Delisle
Cast :
Jon Briddell
Editorial :
Union Editorial
Editor :
Paul Plew
Producer :
Rob McCool
Telecine :
Colorist :
Stephen P. Arkle
Audio Producer :
Christophe Eagleton

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