John Leguizamo and Rachel Dratch Hitch a Ride on an Ostrich and a Yak for Vroom

Boathouse Delivers First TV Campaign for Online Auto Retailer

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Jul 12, 2016

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John Leguizamo and Rachel Dratch area married couple who get over their fear of buying a used car in the first TV campaign from online auto retailer Vroom, created out of Boathouse.

In a 30-second spot titled "Peggy and Dick's Wild Ride," Mr. Leguizamo and Ms. Dratch are shown riding an ostrich and a yak down the street, instead of taking a trip in the comfort of a car, as they are "terrified" of buying a used vehicle. But with the help of Vroom, which offers features such as free nationwide delivery, they quickly overcome their apprehensions.

"We decided to open with an ostrich and a yak -- the most ridiculous mode of transport for when people don't want to deal with 'those car people,'" said Gaurav Misra, chief marketing officer of Vroom. "There's no one who walks off a lot that hasn't felt like they've just been screwed on price or quality of a car. We introduce Vroom as that magical alternative."

On the auto retailer's website, customers can choose from a selection of more than 2,000 pre-owned vehicles. The company says it is the largest online pre-owned car retailer and has served 150,000 customers.

"There's a little magic in what we do and we wanted the spots, in terms of tone and story, to embody that sense of wonder," said Mr. Misra. "We think it's going to completely disrupt and revolutionize the biggest retail category in America: used cars."

"We suspend disbelief a little bit: you can click on a website and a car arrives at your home in a gorgeous truck. It's exactly what you want and you didn't pay that much for it."

Ms. Dratch is seen at the end of the spot admiring one such truck: the company's new "showroom on wheels," a delivery truck with clear windows that effectively acts as a billboard displaying the used cars on the road.

In another 30-second spot titled "A Meditation on Car Buying," Mr. Leguizamo disturbs Ms. Dratch's quiet time to enthusiastically explain the features of Vroom: a wide selection of used cars, a seven-day return policy and free delivery.

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