Pub customers aren't bitter in Heineken's ad promoting its new Irish stout

Campaign directed by David Shane highlights that Island's Edge is 'less bitter'

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Nov 09, 2022

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It's a brave brand that takes on Guinness in its native Ireland. But Heineken is doing just that with a stout brand named "Island's Edge" that promises a taste that's "less bitter" than the traditional black stuff. The brand launched 12 months ago and now, to promote it, Heineken has launched a humorous new spot in which people are also, well, less bitter. 

The ad takes place in an Irish pub where an assortment of customers tell stories about events that could have made them bitter and vengeful. But instead, they are philosophical about these events, or even reflect that they turned out all for the best.

For example, one balding man's ex is getting married to a pilot with a full head of fair; however, he graciously pronounces him "a lovely fella." A woman is able to joke about her mis-spelled tattoo that says "love your shelf;" another man reveals everyone has been calling him Gerry rather than Gary for years. 

The campaign was created by Publicis Dublin and directed by David Shane of O Positive.

“We loved the idea of people trying to move on or hide their bitterness," said Ger Roe, account director at Publicis Dublin. "David Shane is a master at getting authentic comedic performances out of actors and totally got what we were trying to do. Because much like Island’s Edge Irish stout, the clever and entertaining part is hiding the bitterness. It’s still there, just a bit less of it”.

“Competing in Ireland against one of the world’s biggest brands the first thing we needed to do was be authentic but do it with a bit of personality," he added. "With a key product differentiator of ‘less bitterness’ it gave us a brilliant jumping off point. It also allowed us to leverage that emotional truth about Irish people while giving us an opportunity to differentiate with our brand personality too."




Nov 09, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Board Creative Director :
Ger Roe
Creative Director :
Peter Dobbyn
Senior Copywriter :
Paul O'Loughlin
Head of Strategic Planning :
Chloe Hanratty
Strategic Planning Director :
Denisse Achata
Head of Production :
Niamh Skelly
Content Producer :
Claire Boylan
Content Director :
Phillip Byrne
Business Director :
Sinead Dennis
Senior Account Director :
Ruth McCormack
Senior Account Manager :
Cormac Dooley
Marketing Director :
Wojciech Bogusz
Marketing Manager :
Mark Noble
Senior Brand Manager :
Jim Geraghty
Activation Manager :
Ursula Brennan
Brand Manager :
Dan Lee
Media and Strategy Manager :
Olwen Inglis
Production Company :
O Positive
Director :
David Shane
Executive Producer :
Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer :
Marc Grill
Producer :
Nell Jordan
DP :
Sebastian Blenkov
Director Assistant :
Michael Clancy
Editor :
Adam Spivey
Service Company :
Saturday Films
Sound Design :
Folding Waves
Agency :
Strategic Consulting Director :
Dael Wood
Business Director :
Jan Markmann
Account Director :
Amy Jope
Account Director :
Kieran Lynch
Agency :
Managing Director :
Kay McCarthy
Insight Director :
Mary Sheahan

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