Philips created its new identity with the sound of light bulbs

Company partnered with Massive Music on sonic rebranding effort

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Dec 03, 2018

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Multinational technology company Philips, known for its developments in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, has turned to its most famous asset--the light bulb--to solidify its brand identity. But while the bulb is known for its ability to enhance visuals, it provided for this project something quite different--sound.

Philips partnered with global music and sound design firm Massive Music to create its new sonic branding from a “bespoke” musical instrument.  Known as “The Philips Instrument,” it’s a tool that integrates sounds created from Philips light bulbs--like the noise created from electricity running through the object--and from the human body, such as finger snaps and heartbeats.

Massive developed it to create the new Phillips mnemonic as well as other sound icons to be used across all Philips branding and communications.

“The inspiration comes from the idea of light bulbs being a symbol of creativity, ideas and imagination, as well as an icon of Philips’ design heritage and excellence,” said Luc van Stiphout, head of music & brands at MassiveMusic in a statement.

Thomas Marzano, global head of brand experience at Philips added, “We asked MassiveMusic to translate the Philips brand into a new, simple set of audio assets. But together, we have in fact transformed the sonic brand identity across-the-board.”