GE Takes Viewers Into the Wilds of Cutting-Edge Tech in Documentary Series

Pilot Episode Explores 3D Printing of Jet Engine Parts

Published On
May 11, 2017

Editor's Pick

A new video documentary series from GE once again reinforces its tech credentials by exploring some very cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

"Into the Wild" is led by "Tested" host Adam Savage and "Innovation Nation" correspondent Alie Ward. Instead of exploring the wilderness like a nature documentary, they aim to take viewers on a journey into the realms of advanced technology and keep proceedings lively as they chat with technicians and scientists about what they are doing.

The pilot takes viewers into the GE labs where advanced 3-D printing is being used to create jet engine and wind turbine parts. The process, called Additive Manufacturing, is being pioneered by GE. A second episode looks at jet engine manufacturing and testing and a further seven films will roll out over the summer. The films are by IMG Original Content and production company Atomic Entertainment.