Ikea : Prefab Home (2)

An IKEA-branded home, no assembling required.

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Mar 02, 2012

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Assembling too much trouble for you? Salem, Ore.-based Idea Box, experts in prefabricated homes, teamed up with IKEA for "Activ," the first time the Swedish retailer has introduced branded prefab homes in the U.S.

The $86,500 home can be delivered straight to you and arrives built and partially furnished. It is a small, compact space, with an IKEA bedroom, bathroom and kitchen space. It is also socially and environmentally conscious, full off water and light efficient fixtures.

While the idea is quite awesome, the concept of every home looking like an IKEA home has been around for a long time, since the majority of urban homes will all have the same bookcase, or bedframe, or chairs. If that's already too much for some people, how will an entire IKEA-branded home feel?

Idea Box previewed "Activ" at the Portland Home & Garden Show last week.