Andes Enlists the 'World's Best Hagglers' to Help You Negotiate More Fun

They're Also Available to Help via Social Media

Published On
Nov 20, 2015

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Andes Beer has built its marketing strategy around sneaky ways of getting to spend more time with your mates -- from the Teletransporter which allowed you to pretend you weren't around drinking, to the Friend Recovery which allowed people to log in remotely for a night out with friends.

Perhaps it's matured, because its latest campaign is not so much about lying to your boyfriend/girlfriend, but negotiating with them to have more friend time. The idea is that Andes has found the "world's best hagglers" -- from Turkey, Togo and India -- to leave their market stalls and come and negotiate in those tricky situations. Like persuading your girlfriend you need a four week camping trip with your friends, or that grumpy neighbor to let your party carry on for a few more hours.

In addition to the commercials which will air on TV in Argentina, the Andes Hagglers will provide assistance via social networks, so that people can "continue enjoying their beer with all their friends."

Once again, the campaign is by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, with the spots directed by Landia's Milton Kremer.