A Rising Star Remembers His Roots in Lay's Short Film Celebrating Chinese New Year

Published On
Feb 16, 2018

Editor's Pick

This 15-minute Chinese New Year ad is for PepsiCo's Lay's revolves around a successful actor who never manages to make it home for the holidays. In one poignant scene, his family shares a holiday dinner without him, though he's on TV. Like another holiday ad from Budweiser, the film centers on family connections, and shows the support parents have for their children, no matter how far away they go.

It stars Lin Gengxin, a rising Chinese star, and it was made by local agency Civilization and directed by the agency's co-founder Andrew Lok. Notice the family pet, a nod to the arrival of the Year of the Dog. The pup is named Le, or "Happy," a character in the Chinese version of Lay's name.