Recycle, Help this Water Bottle Achieve Her Dream

Ad Council Debuts New Campaign to Encourage Recycling

Published On
Jul 16, 2013

Editor's Pick

Pereira & O'Dell">Dell and MJZ's Victor Garcia team for a recycling push by the Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful, with this endearing spotabout a water bottle who dreams of being more.

The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day -- and only 35% is recycled. The new commercial hopes to increase that number with "I Want to be Recycled," a campaign that tells the story from the point of view of the trash itself.

The last time the Ad Council partnered with Keep America Beautiful was in 1971, when together they worked on "The Crying Indian," the memorable campaign featuring Chief Iron Eyes Cody.

For another dramatic journey of a potential recyclable, but one who meets a not-so-happy ending, check, out this film from Heal the Bay.