Rémy Martin enlists Chinese celebrities and artists to celebrate Lunar New Year with family

The cognac brand's celebration of Lunar New Year also includes includes limited-edition products designed for the holiday

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Jan 11, 2023

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To celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrated in several Asian cultures, cognac brand Rémy Martin has enlisted five Chinese celebrities and artists for a campaign that highlights the unique ways people celebrate the holiday, while also foregrounding the element that ties their experiences together: family. 

Rémy Martin’s “The Lunar New Year Family Spirit” campaign revolves, specifically, around the experiences of actor and martial artist Lewis Tan; Jessica Wang, a fashion influencer; Michelin-starred chef and owner of Chinese restaurant Mister Jiu’s Brandon Jew; photographer Kevin Wong; and Danielle Chang, a cultural entrepreneur and producer. 

The campaign includes a 30-second video spot produced in partnership with creative agency Fred & Farid and Hong-Kong born photographer Michelle Watt. The video features the five opulently-dressed artists celebrating Lunar New Year, gathered around a table covered with traditional foods and drinking Rémy Martin XO along with three of the group’s friends and family members. Additionally, the brand’s website offers an interactive experience that allows consumers to zoom in on the different artists to learn about their unique Lunar New Year celebrations and their personal definitions of ‘family," whether biological or otherwise. 

“Depending where I am in the world during Lunar New Year, I celebrate by surrounding myself with people that inspire me, challenge me, and ground me. That's family,” Tan says in his close-up video. 

Jew, meanwhile, focuses on the significance of the food laid out on the table: “Look around and you’ll find meaning in everything here at the table—from the symbolic foods, to Rémy XO, to the family around me. New Year’s starts when it all comes together, because families that feast together stay together.” 

The videos and other campaign imagery will feature across the brand's social media channels, as well as the five artists' social media pages. And leading up to Lunar New Year, which kicks off on Jan. 22, Rémy Martin has also released a limited-edition design for its XO product featuring the colors red and gold—celebratory colors for the Chinese Lunar New Year that symbolize good luck, prosperity and fortune. Consumers can also purchase a kit to help them celebrate the holiday at home that includes a handful of traditional foods and a bottle of the limited-edition Rémy XO. 

The campaign will also include two in-person celebrations hosted by Chang’s cultural organization Lucky Rice in New York City and San Francisco on Jan. 30 and Feb.1, respectively. Chang will donate a portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales for the events to two non-profits: The Center for Asian American Media and Welcome to Chinatown, which aims to preserve Chinese communities across the U.S. 

Jew, Wang and Watt previously teamed up with Rémy Martin for the brand’s Lunar New Year-centric campaign in January 2022, which similarly focused on the concept of “family spirit” with a series of photos taken by Watt resembling traditional family portraits featuring Jew, Wang and photographer and stylist Christina Paik. 

“Welcome to 'The Lunar New Year Family Spirit,'” the voiceover says in this year’s campaign video. “An embodiment of the art of blending the things we love with the people we love.”