Ryan Reynolds warns against drinking Aviation Gin while sexting on Mint Mobile in yet another crossover ad

Maximum Effort combines two of the actor's own brands in a single PSA about getting drunk and horny

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May 04, 2021

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The crossovers continue at breakneck pace. Ryan Reynolds is back with another ad mashup featuring two different brands. (No, Satan isn’t the new spokesdevil for Laughing Man coffee, unfortunately.)

This time, it’s two of Reynolds’ own brands, Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, in a spot celebrating a return to hookup life with a dire warning: Don’t Aviation and Mint.

Tragedy ensues when doubly thirsty people grab a bottle of gin and a phone and try to get back into the dating scene. Eggplant emojis end up in the wrong hands, parents accidentally sext their grown kids, grammar takes a backseat to the pent up demands of biology. It’s chaos.

The PSA-style ad comes from Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and follows Satan x Match and Satan x Mint Mobile collaborations.