Meow-sic! Spotify now has playlists for your pets

Platform looked into the data, and it said your pooches and kitties would appreciate it

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Jan 15, 2020

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Spotify has made an art of turning data into entertaining (and informative) campaigns. While past efforts  have shed light on our own listening habits and the popularity of various songs and artists, its latest dip into numbers has taken the platform into the world of our four-footed friends with the debut of “Pet Playlists.”

The new service allows listeners to create a playlist specifically tailored to their pets’ species and personality. A dedicated site invites visitors to input the type of pet they have.(For now, that’s limited to just dog, cat, bird, hamster and, curiously, iguana—sorry, fish and snake owners.) Users then have to select pets’ various personality traits—energetic vs. relaxed, shy vs. friendly, etc.—and Spotify will churn out a lineup of about 30 tunes. (We tried it out and the music seems pretty pleasing to human ears too.)

The idea was inspired by a Spotify survey that found that 71% of pet owners around the world play music for their pets, while about 80 percent of them also believe their pets enjoy music. It also found that most pet owners think music is helpful in promoting their pets’ happiness and staving off loneliness, while nearly 50 percent of owners believe their pets actually prefer certain genres (classical and soft rock, were most popular, apparently).

This isn’t Spotify’s first associationn with the animal kingdom, however. In Germany, a dog shelter tapped into the brand's API to help connect potential adoptees with “parents” that shared the animals’ taste in music.


Jan 15, 2020
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