Lincoln : Steer The Script

Jimmy Fallon helps write the brand's Big Game spot.

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Dec 02, 2012
Steer The Script

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Lincoln is tapping funnyman Jimmy Fallon to help it write its first-ever Super Bowl spot.

The Ford brand's new dedicated agency, Hudson Rouge, which rolled out a new integrated campaign to relaunch the car company today, unveiled "Steer the Script," an effort that sees Mr. Fallon curating tweets that will eventually end up becoming part of the script for the company's Big Game commercial for the 2013 MKZ.

The site currently has a countdown to Wednesday, when Mr. Fallon will start off the writing process with a tweet. Then, it's up to his fans to continue the story.

Mr. Fallon has already started whetting his fans' appetites, tweeting: "Lincoln hired me to write a BIG commercial and I need you guys to help me." earlier on Monday. After a few fans thought he was either referring to the Steven Spielberg film or the legendary president himself, he clarified, with: "The car, not the president. Though he did new and innovative stuff as well."