Icelandair Is Putting on an Immersive Play in the Mid-Atlantic, Starring Its Crew

Entertainment Continues Airline's Campaign to Tempt Passengers to Lay Over in Iceland

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Jul 05, 2017

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Icelandair will put on a three-act play on a flight from London to New York via Iceland later this year, as part of an attempt to encourage even more transatlantic passengers to its services.

The airline last year launched Stopover Buddy, a service that set you up with an Icelandair employee if you had a layover in Iceland and would even tailor you a special celebration. It's now making a flight via Iceland even more attractive with Stopover Pass, an extension of the campaign that's also a celebration of its 80th anniversary.

The opening event is the play on the flight to New York, in September. Starring Icelandair staff and crew, and telling the story of the airline since 1937, it will see passengers experience Act 1 on the London to Iceland leg of the flight, Act 2 in the departure lounge in Iceland, and Act 3 on the New York leg. Icelandair partnered with an immersive theatre group on the project.

Other events on the Stopover Pass program will include free gig tickets, trips to Icelandic football matches, backstage passes to a music festival and more, all if you lay over in Iceland before March 2018.

The Brooklyn Brothers worked on the campaign alongside Icelandair's local agency Islenska. According to the agency, it was launched in response to research that revealed flyers are seeking both better customer service and more unique in-flight entertainment. A study showed a third of passengers would be more likely to choose an airline which offered free live entertainment as part of their in-flight program.