Susie Greene will scream you to sleep in album promoting 10th season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

HBO debuts collection of tracks for those who prefer f-bombs to lullabies

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Jan 23, 2020

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HBO has tapped “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Susie Essman to promote the show’s 10th season with an album of meditations like no other.

Essman’s character in the show, the querulous Susie Greene, has a tendency to lace her sentences with f-bombs and other colorful profanities. The new album, “The Sweet Sounds of Susie Greene,” pulls together some of her most popular rants from the show.

Available on Spotify, the tracks include classics such as “You’re a Fat F*cking A**shole,” “De-CAP-itated,” “You Sick, Four-eyed F*ck,”  and “The Dog Bit You Penis."

HBO is getting the word out in a low-budget promo starring Essman (above), pitching the collection as if it were the next big thing for the mindful set. 

“Sometimes, it’s hard to turn off the world and destress without the right soundtrack to get you there—until now!” she announces. “Presenting the Sweet Sounds of Susie—there’s no music, there’s no tempo, it’s just me reciting my most soothing lines from ‘Curb,’ with absolutely no filler.”

HBO developed the campaign in-house, working alongside Warner Bros.' in-house music label WaterTower Music and Spotify to create the album, which you can check out below. As Essman says, it will help you “sleep like a baby later.”