Waitrose Brings Tuna Fishing in the Indian Ocean to Life in its Latest Campaign

360-Degree Film Lets Viewers Explore the Boat

Published On
Apr 04, 2017

Editor's Pick

After taking GoPro cameras onto a farm last year to capture the lives of farm animals, Waitrose is attempting once again to demonstrate where its food comes from with an immersive video of tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Created by Adam&Eve/DDB and directed by Outsider's Max Fisher, the campaign includes a TV ad, seen here, which shows the responsibly sourced handline-caught method of fishing for fresh tuna, and directs viewers to a 360-degree online video where they can explore the fishing boat and engage with an interactive window to find out more about Waitrose's sourcing practices. While they're not the most exciting films in the world, there's something strangely restful and "slow TV" about immersing yourself in the world of the tuna fisherman and their boat.

The two films are part of the retailer's campaign taglined "Everything we do goes into everything you taste." The aim is to further differentiate Waitrose for its commitment to "treating people fairly, treading lightly on the environment and supporting responsible sourcing."