A Random Tweet From W&K's Colleen DeCourcy Inspired This Short Film

Campaign by FilmBrazil Targets Advertising's Top Creatives

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Jun 19, 2017

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When you throw out a random tweet, the last thing you imagine is that it will inspire a short film. But thanks to a campaign by Brazilian film production body FilmBrazil, that's what's happening to some of advertising's top creatives in Cannes this week.

FilmBrazil is showing the industry what it can do by creating short films based on tweets from the likes of Colleen DeCourcy, Joe Alexander, Jeff Goodby, Rei Inamoto and PJ Pereira.

The campaign was created for FilmBrazil, the platform for internationalisation of Brazilian audiovisual production, by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

The agency took random tweets from the creatives and turned them into short films, like the one seen here. Based on a random tweet by Wieden & Kennedy global chief creative officer DeCourcy, about drinking water, it features a parched, bald woman in a freaky moonscape finding a small puddle of water but then seeing it sucked up by a giant straw.

The films are being sent via Twitter to the creatives whilte they are at Cannes this week, and some, including DeCourcy and Goodby, have already retweeted them.