Velveeta teamed with Compartés Chocolatier for TruffVels chocolate cheese truffles

The KraftHeinz brand’s decadent new snack offers a ‘unique sensation unlike any other’

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May 09, 2023
Two hands grabbing TruffVels from their packaging

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Chocolate and cheese ... two great tastes that taste great together?

Velveeta thinks so, and it’s just parnered with chocolate company Compartés Chocolatier to make TruffVels, the first-ever chocolate cheese truffle. Starting today (May 9), a five-pack of Velveeta x Compartés TruffVels are available for $24.95 on while supplies last.

TruffVels are white chocolate infused with Velveeta and offer “a unique sensation unlike any other,” according to the brand, which added: “TruffVels bring the deliciously creamy and iconic Velveeta drip to the world of chocolate, combining the two foods known for hitting the bull’s-eye of pleasure: chocolate and Velveeta.” 

Three hands holding up TruffVels

The Kraft Heinz brand has been on a luxury kick for a while through its “La Dolce Velveeta” campaign from Johannes Leonardo. New spots in that campaign dropped a couple of weeks ago. Its previous luxury-tinged stunts have included Velveeta martinis, a spread in Vogue, a sculpture in Central Park and a line of nail polish.

“Two of life’s greatest pleasures are cheese and chocolate and we’ve already seen our pleasure seekers experiment with this combination across social media, so this collab was a no-brainer” said Kelsey Rice, senior brand communications manager for Velveeta. “As a brand that’s all about making outrageous pleasure a way of life, we decided to bring these two flavors together to create the most outrageously elevated version of a cheesy, chocolatey recipe for our fans to enjoy.” 

For the record, Velveeta fudge is apparently a thing.

A package of TruffVels

“This exciting and unique collaboration is delicious, decadent, delightful and unexpected,” said Jonathan Grahm, CEO and lead chocolatier at Compartés. “I love the idea of pushing the boundaries of chocolate making and creating a unique product unlike anything that’s ever been done before. With TruffVels mixing two of life’s greatest pleasures, chocolate and cheese, we can all live the good ‘La Dolce Velveeta’ life this summer.”