Verizon’s Visible gets Jason Alexander to punch back at Metro by T-Mobile’s ‘Nada Yada Yada’ campaign

The actor reclaims the ‘Seinfeld’ catchphrase as the brand calls B.S. on its rival’s ‘BS-Free Promise’

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Oct 04, 2023
Jason Alexander in a blue blazer and lavender T-shirt sitting in a conference room

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Visible, the Verizon-owned all-digital wireless carrier, has recruited Jason Alexander to reclaim the phrase “yada yada” after Metro by T-Mobile debuted a campaign in August themed “Nada Yada Yada.”

The ad starts off with two marketing executives at “Other Guys Wireless” coaching Alexander on how to pitch their wireless plan, which is supposedly transparent and has no “yada yada.” Mid-pitch, Alexander questions if they know what no “yada, yada” means—then reveals why he joined Visible, where there are no hidden activation fees and everything is transparent.


“Visible has nothing to hide,” said Angie Klein, president of Verizon Value. “When we see other brands claim they have no ‘yada, yada, yada’—but we know they do—we have to call BS on their ‘BS-Free Promise.’ If you want real transparency, simplicity and honesty from your wireless carrier, Visible is the only choice. And who better to help tell that story than Jason Alexander, someone who made ‘yada, yada, yada’ famous.”

The spot was made by agency Madwell, which used “XR technology and Unreal Engine to build a 3D, fully volumetric virtual environment for the actors to engage with and react to in real time,” the brand said. 

“When we saw Metro’s campaign, our team and partners at Madwell knew we had to call out the hypocrisy,” said Cheryl Gresham, CMO of Verizon Value. “While some might mistake Jason Alexander for someone who’s OK to ‘yada, yada, yada’ over the fine print based on characters he’s played, Jason Alexander, the actor, is honest. And like Visible, he doesn’t take it lightly—making him the perfect spokesperson for the leader in transparent wireless.”

“I’ve been associated with some memorable catch phrases in my career and ‘yada, yada’ is one of the biggest,” said Alexander. “People tend to ‘yada yada’ over important details. So I’m delighted that Visible asked me to help call out those details that other mobile carriers add to their fees and pricing.” 

The spot is running across paid and organic channels—TV, OLV, and paid social and digital.