Best of 2014 #6 TV/Film: Watching 'Game of Thrones' With Your Parents Sucks. Use HBO GO Instead.

New Work from SS+K and David Shane Features Awkward Family Viewing Moments

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Apr 21, 2014

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At #6 in TV/Film, SS+K and O Positive Director David Shane illustrate how "inconvenient" it can be to have HBO's on-demand streaming services, HBO Go. The series of impeccably crafted and acted films depict the uncomfortable family moments that can arise when you're sitting around with mom and dad, trying to enjoy the latest episode of "True Detective" or "Game of Thrones."

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SS+K and HBO dramatize the worst parts of watching shows like "Girls," "Game of Thrones," and "True Detective" with your parents in a new campaign to promote the company's on-demand streaming service, HBO Go. "Awkward Family Moments" taps O Positive director David Shane to showcase how excruciating it is to watch a steamy sex scene in "True Detective" with your dad, or be bombarded with questions from your parents about what house Daenerys Targaryen belongs to.

According to SS+K Chief Creative Officer Bobby Hershfield, "We wanted a younger audience to realize why HBO Go is useful beyond the incredible library of programming it contains, so emotionally, the reason became HBO Go lets you avoid watching HBO with your parents. With that premise we just let go and let the experience and comedy take over."

Featuring some really brilliant, understated delivery from the actors (check out the eyerolls from the son of the family), the campaign is aimed at Millennials who'd rather watch the show on their own. They'll appear on Buzzfeed, and HBO's YouTube and Twitter.

Director Mr. Shane, known for his talent for bringing out sharp performances, said that the scripts were ripe for great comedy. They were "so smartly written and have such a strong comedic POV, which is rare," he said. "And the clients were ridiculously cool, smart and trusting too. When we presented the cast, they were like, 'They all seem like strong actors. Done.' It's still crazy to me when clients push back on casting."

As for how the team nurtured the comedy on the set, Mr. Shane explained that it was a free-flowing process. "The cast was amazing. We were having so much fun it didn't seem like working. There was such a clear built-in comedic friction animating these scenes that nothing we tried seemed gratuitous or random. And they didn't have to be true :30's or :60's, which meant each moment and each scene could live out its natural life instead of us trying to compress them artificially. It was really like making little films with a bunch of crazy, smart talented people."

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Apr 21, 2014
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