Ted Baker Tells Whimsical Tale of Rivalry, Romance and Outer Space

Treasure Hunters Engage in Stylish Competition for AW15

Published On
Aug 13, 2015

Editor's Pick

Rivalry meets romance in Ted Baker's intriguing, fantastical new film promoting the brand's Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, "Wonders Never Cease." Directed by White Lodge's Crowns & Owls, it tells the tale of dueling treasure-hunters, who engage in an increasingly intense game of oneupsmanship as they unveil their rare discoveries to the world.

The competition heats up as each reveals miraculous artifact after miraculous artifact, until one day, their finds turn out to have an uncanny connection -- they're halves of the same asteroid. Even weirder, the collectors happened to find the pieces at the exact same time -- on opposite ends of the earth. The miraculous coincidence leads to what perhaps may ultimately be the pair's most starting revelation.