A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Creative Excellence

Image courtesy iStock. Published on June 1, 2023

A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Creative Excellence

Image courtesy iStock. Published on June 1, 2023

For Pride Month 2023, Ad Age is shining a light on the creative accomplishments and contributions of LGBTQ+ talent in the marketing industry and beyond. Throughout the month, we’re showcasing milestones in the careers of LGBTQ+ creatives—celebrating campaigns, projects and ideas chosen by each contributor. Some of the featured projects are LGBTQ+ themed, while others are not—but all reflect the talent, drive and passion of the LGBTQ+ creators behind them. We’re honored to share their stories and thrilled that you’re joining us in this celebration of creative excellence.

Sandy Greenberg on the journey of love that led to ‘Strands for Trans’

Guest Editor: Sandy Greenberg

Co-founder and CEO, Terri & Sandy

Ezequiel Consoli on ‘Inside & Outwards’ and emotional honesty as a superpower

Ezequiel Consoli

Emmy-winning freelance CD, The Gay Creative

John Goetter on Latrice Royale and supporting queer voices in good times and bad

John Goetter

Vice President Marketing, John B. Sanfilippo & Son

Alberto Ferreras on capturing the U.S. Latino experience with HBO’s ‘Habla’

Alberto Ferreras

Creative executive in residence, TelevisaUnivision

Tiffany Swiney on the power of decentralized creativity

Tiffany Swiney

Founder and CEO, ROT$ Worldwide, Inc.

Grace Francis on the launch of trans-founded fashion brand Both&

Grace Francis

Global Chief Creative and Design Officer, WONGDOODY

NiK Kacy on escaping the gender binary in footwear and fashion

NiK Kacy (They/Them/Theirs)

Founder, Nik Kacy footwear brand

Lisa Sherman on 'Love has no labels' and beyond

Guest Editor: Lisa Sherman

President and CEO, Ad Council/p>

Diego de la Maza on ‘preparedness, resilience and community in the face of adversity’

Diego de la Maza

Executive VP, Head of Production, Deutsch LA

Juan Acosta on ‘owning our light, our identity and our story’

Juan Acosta

Warm Line Community Engagement Lead, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Robyn Streisand on the ‘ROI of love’

Robyn Streisand

Founder and CEO, Titanium/Mixx

Jonathan Mildenhall on being ‘he/him/human’

Jonathan Mildenhall

Co-Founder and Chair, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand

Dan Bucatinsky on ‘jumping off a creative cliff I’d never contemplated before’

Dan Bucatinsky

Author, "Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?"

Loren Christiansen and Michael DeWeese on deploying audacious humor for a Pride campaign

Loren Christiansen and Michael DeWeese

Freelance directors, Psyop

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