Ad Council's 'Love Has No Labels' gets Amazon's Alexa to define love

Valentine's campaign will see the voice-activated assistant provide new responses in diverse voices

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Feb 01, 2022

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"Alexa, what is love?" That question is at the heart of The Ad Council's latest "Love Has No Labels" campaign encouraging tolerance and inclusivity.

The Valentine's Day-themed push is getting the voice-activated assistant to respond to questions about love in a series of diverse voices. When users ask, “Alexa, what is love?” they’ll now receive a response from people of various backgrounds and identities sharing what love means to them. 

For example, they might hear the voice of Dianne, a community leader and volunteer, who responds,“My love is in the safe space I create for Black women.” Or Rajee, a disability activist, replying: “Love is making sure that I was just like any other kid.” Or Christopher, a photographer, answering "Love is when someone acknowledges how I identify."

The campaign will include a documentary-style spot directed by Rodney Lucas, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker from the southside of Chicago. It delves deeper into the lives of the people featured in Alexa’s new response, and how acts of love have helped them, and others, feel more included. 

The campaign will be promoted in Amazon audio ads, Amazon streaming TV ads, social media, and digital formats nationwide. Amazon is hosting a website about the initiative, which also invites people to share their own stories of how love has helped them. Amazon Ads' creative advertising team developed the creative idea and the video was produced by Fanciful Films.

“We’re honored to partner with Amazon and Alexa to redefine what love means by bringing diverse stories of inclusion directly into people’s homes," said Ad Council President and CEO Lisa Sherman, in a statement. "Our hope is that when audiences ask about love, they will hear voices that inspire them to take action in their communities. This collaboration is right in line with the goal of 'Love Has No Labels'—to flood culture with messages of unbiased love across race, age, gender identity, religion, ability and sexual orientation.”

The Love Has No Labels campaign is now in its seventh year, having first launched in 2015 with its Emmy-award winning viral video of skeletons behind a screen who were eventually revealed to be diverse couples. Since then it has put a diverse spin on the tradition of the "kisscam," celebrated American diversity on Independence Day and addressed topics including the toxic polarization of America and anti-AAPI discrimination in the pandemic.