Budweiser Touts Its Place in Baseball History in Dramatic New Spot

Anomaly's Opening Day Ad Revisits the Game's Great Moments

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Apr 03, 2014

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This lush new A-B spot created out of Anomaly shows how Budweiser has been "Always There" for baseball's greatest moments -- from when Babe Ruth signed on to the Yankees in 1919, to when Hank Aaron made his 715th home run in 1974 (beating Mr. Ruth's record), to the Red Sox's World Series Victor in 2012.

The film debuted on March 31, MLB's opening day. It was conceived by the creative team of Mark Sarosi and Johnny Dantonio, the pair behind A-B's Clydesdale Super Bowl spots of the last two years, and was directed by HSI's Michael Haussman.

To create the spot, the agency paid close attention to historical details: Academy Award-winning costumer designer Colleen Atwood dressed the talent, archived Bud bottles from every decade were used for the various scenes and the ad features real footage and audio from the historical moments. To round it out, the spot uses soundtrack from the baseball classic, "The Natural."