Cauliflower hash browns are the key to this fad diet to end all fad diets

Humorous campaign for Strong Roots from DCX Growth Accelerator pokes fun at trendy eating habits

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Feb 18, 2021

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Plant-based frozen food brand Strong Roots has a fad diet to put an end to all your fad diets: eat cauliflower hash browns—and only cauliflower hash browns.

A new campaign from the brand by DCX Growth Accelerator pokes fun at people’s quirky, so-called “healthy” eating habits by flat out telling them to stop and eat this one product instead. 

A two-minute film features a series of stock footage scenes of people contemplating their unconventional eating behaviors. “They told me to whisper to my food before eating it,” says one woman, staring earnestly into the camera. “They said I should only eat in the shower, while crying,” says another, a tear falling slowly down her cheek. “They told me only to eat yak butter, but I don’t have a yak,” says a dude with a man bun as he looks out into the field through binoculars.

Nearly halfway through, a V.O. announces that “many diets require foods which are not delicious,” before introducing something that is quite tasty: cauliflower hash browns.

And then, it’s a cauliflower hash brown bonanza, with scene after scene of the veggie nuggets being enjoyed, sizzling on a pan and featured in food charts, as the announcer repeats the product name over…. and over… and over. 

Finally, the V.O. proclaims,“The cauliflower hash brown diet: no weirder than other fad diets. But you get to eat cauliflower hash browns.”

The Strong Roots brand was founded in Ireland in 2015 by Samuel Dennigan, who now resides in the U.S. and has been expanding the company globally.

The company was previously behind another quirky marketing/product idea, a patch that users wear and scratch to get a whiff of bacon in order to help curb their meat cravings as they attempt to go vegan. 


Feb 18, 2021
Client :
Strong Roots
Agency :
DCX Growth Accelerator
Group CEO :
Sam Dennigan
GM/Head of the US :
Craig Bowlin
Creative Lead :
Alex Calder
Head of Digital Performance :
Brian Collins
Sales and Marketing Associate :
Nicole Andriuolo
President :
Tom Sewell
Doug Cameron
Executive Creative Director :
Tommy Noonan
Creative Director :
Al Kelley
Art Director / Designer :
Alistair Chew
Account Director :
Ashley Bouldin
Account Executive :
Krysten Krulik
Account Director :
Sarah Donze
Media Buyer :
Aliani Paciulli
Producer :
Katie Nickles
Editor :
John Maloney
Production Company :
Producer :
Joycie Bernstein
Editor :
John MacDonald
Post House :
Colorist :
Lez Rudge
Conform :
Kody Wescott
Casting Director :
Amy Lowles
Social Video Animation :
Benny Martin
Landing Page Maintenance :
We are Volume
Developer :
Benny Martin
Developer :
Frank Cannata
Landing Page Developer :
Client Success :
Joe Boloten
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Director Client Strategy :
Megan Hawkins
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Senior Digital Media Specialist :
Brianna Zalackas
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Mona Creative
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Lindsay Shedlin
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Cassandra Chamoun
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Eva Karagiorgas
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Vanessa Santos
Registered Dietitian :
Rebecca Norren

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