Kevin Hart Goes Balls-Out to Promote Tommy John Underwear

Comedian-Investor Debuts Content Series With the Brand

Published On
Mar 27, 2017

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Austin agency Preacher has deployed some comedic moves to help promote the merits of Tommy John men's underwear -- including an early ad showing guys stealthily attempting to adjust their own ill-fitting skivvies and a cheeky outdoor campaign targeting NYC commuters. Now, it's leveling up the funny firepower with the help of comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart is not just an endorser of the underwear brand -- he's an investor too. As a longtime Tommy John fan, Hart had approached Founder and CEO Tom Patterson about investing in the company and potentially collaborating on a line as well. Last fall, the company announced the deal and now, we see the fruits of their partnership, "Kevin Hart's Morning Briefing."

Created out of Tommy John, Preacher and Hart's on production company HartBeat Productions, the content series will consist of twenty-two online videos in which the actor points out the myriad difficulties dudes have with their underthings. In one, Hart ponders the classic desk toy, the Newton's Cradle, and how it reminds him of "a bunch of balls flying around banging into each other" -- something that doesn't happen when your parts are "cradled" in Tommy John underwear.

In other films, he sings the praises of the brand's cool-cotton fabric, shows how the skivvies are so light they can "fly," pulls a Tommy John-powered power move and chastens his manservant Maurice for not wearing the undies.

"I put in the work for brands I truly believe in," said Hart in a statement. "This collaboration is no different. Both HartBeat Production and Tommy John are passion projects for me, and it was exciting to leverage them both to produce this series so seamlessly."

The films will be running on Tommy John's YouTube channel and promoted through social media, with new videos rolling out throughout the year. In the the fall, Tommy John and Kevin Hart will debut a new underwear and socks collaboration.