Cheap TVs and discounted shoes are not what Veterans Day is about

Fisher House Foundation and GUT send a reminder to Americans about holiday's meaning

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Nov 09, 2018

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If you checked your email or turned on the TV lately, you might think that Veterans Day is another Black Friday, with all the sales flying about. But this new film for The Fisher House Foundation aims to set things straight, with the help of the vets we are honoring this coming holiday.

The piece, entitled "Veterans Day Is Not for Sale," features real vets of World War II, Vietnam and Korea discussing what the holiday means to them. But interspersed with their poignant memories of colleagues and struggles, we see them riffling through circulars and flipping through ads, shaking their heads and shrugging at the discounts and prices chopped from wares like ladies’ sportswear and flatscreen TVs. 

“Refrigerators--my word, that’s what we fought for?” asks Franklin Lawrence, a veteran of Korea and Vietnam.

The film, directed by Tucker Walsh of M ss ng P eces, is the first work to debut out of agency Gut, the independent shop founded earlier this year by David vets Anselmo Ramos and Gaston Bigio.

"With this campaign, we want to highlight how far we have shifted the conversation away from the original significance behind Veterans Day,” said Anselmo Ramos, co-founder and CCO of GUT in a statement. "We hope that by highlighting veterans’ reactions in this manner we will remind people that Veterans Day is not about the next shopping sale, but was created to celebrate and honor these heroes and the sacrifices they’ve made.”

The Fisher House Foundation is an organization that provides a “home away from home” for military families while their loved ones get treatment at nearby VA centers.

“These are real men and women with a proud legacy of serving our nation,” said Ken Fisher, chairman, Fisher House Foundation. “We owe these men and women a debt we can never repay. Veterans and veterans issues are not something that you can just tout in a Veterans Day ad or use as a political tool.”


Nov 09, 2018
The Fisher House Foundation

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