Gen Z rattles off all its nicknames for McDonald’s in UK campaign co-created by British youths

‘Make It Yours’ highlights how McDonald’s serves as a much-needed hangout spot for 16- to 24-year-olds

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Jun 11, 2024

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For teens and young adults, going on Mickey D’s runs to hang out with your friends is a rite of passage.

That universal experience is the focal point of McDonald’s latest U.K. campaign aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds. Created by Leo Burnett U.K., “Make It Yours” highlights all the ways and scenarios in which young people have made an invite to McDonald’s to their friends. A film notes the different monikers Gen Z has for McDonald’s—Mickey D’s, Maccies, McDizzles and more (including in sign language)—and how it has become a public hangout spot or “third place” for the demographic.

The film was directed by Iconoclast in partnership with youth empowerment network We Rise Limited, which organized workshops to help 14 young adults co-create all aspects of the campaign. Out-of-home ads will also highlight McDonald’s nicknames.

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett also invited young adults to take ownership of the campaign across social channels through street interview-style behind-the-scenes content. The fast-food brand also released a set of stickers for young adults to customize their own invites to McDonald’s and send to their friends.

“When the team first presented this idea I was filled with joy, because it’s not always easy to be young. This is especially true today, with an increased lack of provisions and spaces for our young people,” said Matt Reischauer, marketing director at McDonald’s. “This campaign celebrates their wit, charm and sometimes awkward realities, and we are frankly honored to be a place they choose to spend time together, where they can be themselves.”

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