GLAAD films introduce trans people to the 71% of Americans who say they’ve never met one

‘Here We Are’ series aims to create a positive first introduction to the trans community

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May 29, 2024

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Trans people are people too, but most public representation dehumanizes them.

That’s the message in a new campaign by LGBTQ+ media advocacy nonprofit GLAAD and storytelling studio Ground Media, launched ahead of Pride Month. Titled “Here We Are,” the campaign launched Wednesday (May 29) with stories of trans people in different stages of their lives.

Six documentary-style vignettes highlight the stories of Ashton (above) and his family (below), Nadya and Gio, including their interests, day-to-day lives and the way they interact with their loved ones. The videos intentionally introduce the audience to a trans person, to expose them to a positive narrative of who they are. They are students, parents, veterans, nonprofit leaders and friends, with loved ones, hopes and dreams—just like anyone else.


The campaign, running nationally, comes as a recent GLAAD survey found 71% of Americans claim they’ve never met a transgender person. Meanwhile, for many conservative Americans, their only interactions with trans people have been through conservative media, which often demonizes their identities.

The thoughtful videos make the pointed argument that people shouldn’t judge others without getting to know them first and help destigmatize the trans identity.

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