Google and Marie Kondo clean up Keegan-Michael Key's digital life

Brand debuts first consumer push for Google One subscription service

Published On
Aug 16, 2022

Editor's Pick

Is your digital life more cluttered than your sock drawer? Google—and Marie Kondo, are here to help. 

A new extended-length ad promoting the brand’s Google One subscription offering stars actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key getting sucked into the black hole that is his digital life. As he types away on his laptop, a “low storage” alert pops up on his screen, forcing him to consider which of his “important” photo collections— “pancakes that look like people,” “sausages that look like canoes” and “super-jacked pets”— he might have to whittle down. 

Magically, Kondo appears like a fairy god-organizer, to tell him—shockingly—that he doesn’t have to get rid of anything. She whisks him away to the wonderland of Google One, which gives him more room for all his content from across the brand’s tools—Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. There’s no need for Key to thank photos or files for the joy they sparked before trashing them because Google One will allow him to be the hoarder that he is—just a more organized one.

The campaign was created out of L.A.-based Omelet, with direction by Terri Timely via Park Pictures. It debuted today and will be running across online video, social, CRM and online. Kondo will also offer digital organization tips on the Google One site.