Kids call for mom for every conceivable reason in Google's charming, harried Mother's Day spot

Having a voice-activated assistant is much better than being one

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May 10, 2019

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This Mother’s Day, Google is paying homage to the original voice-activated assistant. In a 60-second spot by Swift, kid after kid echoes the same, age-old refrain: “Hey, Mom!”

The scenes will be familiar to any parent—children who’ve gotten themselves in over their heads or have gotten stuck on homework (or in their own shirts). They bombard their mothers with questions and requests, from help with a dead pet to bathroom time to scientific queries like, “Where does dirt come from?” Some demands remain unspoken, the implication hanging in the air, as mom pulls herself out of a well-deserved rest to check what’s wrong.

Finally though, in a moment of relative quiet, when the sibling rivalry is at a dull roar, one mom realizes she isn’t in this alone. “Hey mom” becomes “Hey Google,” and a real digital assistant connects a tired mother with the one woman who knows exactly what she’s going through—her own mom.

Google is no stranger to heartwarming takes on tech. It enlisted the calm, reassuring voice of Mr. Rogers last year in a spot for the Pixel 3 smartphone.


May 10, 2019
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