Heinz ad recommends not making ketchup at home

Spot lays out what happens if you DIY your own condiment and continues Africa's campaign centering on its chief ingredient

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Jun 13, 2022

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If you've ever thought you could get away with your own homemade ketchup, think again. 

That's the message from a humorous new spot by Heinz and Brazilian agency Africa. Last year, the brand debuted a global campaign to remind consumers of its chief ingredient, beginning with a plantable tomato seed label. The new work starts with the premise that, if you can grow tomatoes at home, then why can't you make your own version of Heinz ketchup? Then, it goes on to demonstrate what the consequences could be if you don't have the expertise that goes into crafting its product.

In the ad, we see a woman determined to make her own ketchup after seeing a news report on how Heinz Ketchup's unique taste comes from "real tomatoes and a few natural ingredients."  She tries to replicate this at home, turning her entire garden into a plantation and her home into a tomato production line. But, as the voiceover explains, if she wants to make the equivalent to Heinz, she'll need tons of Heinz tomato seeds and over a century of knowledge on tomatoes. As the tomato growing gets more and more extreme, she sparks a national power outage—and realizes she's safer with the Heinz product after all. 

The spot, directed by Felipe Mansur of Alice Filmes, is available for use in over 200 of Heinz's global markets. It's running across multiple channels, including TV, out of home, social media and PR.