Jack in the Box brings its drive-thru to Twitch

Rising gas prices inspire virtual activation

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May 10, 2022

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Gas prices in the U.S. hit an all-time high on Tuesday—$4.37 a gallon!—meaning many are saving driving time for the essentials. But what about those euphoric, wind-in-your-hair, summer moments, like pulling up at your local Jack in the Box drive-thru? For those experiencing FOMO, Jack in the Box’s virtual drive-thru is now open for business on Twitch.

On the restaurant chain’s official Twitch channel, a continuous livestream is playing through May 17. The video plays as if the viewer is in a car, pulling up to a Jack in the Box window. However, the attendant inside is seated at a brand-themed gaming station rather than manning a kitchen. Dressed as the Jack in the Box mascot, the character approaches the virtual car window and drops a to-go bag in front of it, each time populating a QR code that redeems discount codes and rewards through the Jack in the Box app.


“We’re excited to launch Jack in the drive-thru and bring a new dimension of 24/7 access to our gaming customers,” said Morgan Higgins, senior manager social media and PR at Jack in the Box, in a statement. “Our vision is to turn our channel into the first destination for viewers on Twitch before they tune into their favorite streams and channels. Name a better pair than some Twitch content and our iconic two tacos!”

The unique game-themed stream was designed and executed by esports brand Zoned Gaming.