This cannabis-infused turkey gravy will subdue your family so you can enjoy Thanksgiving

Each package of Kiva Confection’s gravy contains 10 mg of THC

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Nov 26, 2019

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For some, Thanksgiving is a great time to reconnect with long-missed relatives. For others, it’s a dreaded holiday where you’re stuck for hours on end with people you only see once a year, forced to endure Uncle Albert’s political banter and Aunt Theresa’s jabs at your relationship status. Sometimes you just can’t wait for everyone to get tuckered out from the turkey.

Kiva Confections has a new product to speed that process up. The California-based edibles brand is selling cannabis-infused turkey gravy to lather on your family’s bird, which should help keep dinner drama to a minimum. The limited-edition product contains 10 mg of THC per package (the active ingredient in marijuana). Kiva is selling the small brown-and-green pouches for $5 at Sweet Flower’s three dispensaries in Southern California and at Grassroots’ dispensary in San Francisco while supplies last.

Kiva claims the gravy acts faster than most edibles because the cannabinoids are absorbed through the stomach instead of the liver. The brand asserts that you can feel the effects in as little as two to 15 minutes, when typical edibles take around 90 minutes or longer. Kiva says it uses “individually encapsulated molecules,” small enough to be absorbed into the body one at a time.

The timing is strategic. The day before Thanksgiving has been dubbed “Green Wednesday” by the cannabis industry, since people stock up on their pot for the holiday weekend. Kiva says  last year it saw more sales the Wednesday before Thanksgiving than on Black Friday.

To promote the green gravy, Kiva partnered with Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane, a media platform that publishes cannabis-focused content, for a video where a friendsgiving becomes even more exciting with the addition of the gravy. Of course, it could be that there are no wacky family members around. The video features Mama Sailene, the host of Merry Jane’s “Smoke in the Kitchen” cooking series on YouTube, and comedians and notable personalities in the cannabis community.

“I would say Thanksgiving is even more of a stoner holiday than 4/20,” says Comedy Central’s Sara Weinshenk.

“The turkey is already high,” adds actress Kalea McNeill.

Kiva’s not done with its holiday-timed products. Once the turkey holiday is over, Kiva plans to release a cannabis-infused hot chocolate to make sitting by the fire that much toastier.


Nov 26, 2019
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Kiva Confections

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